How to Make Your Own UFO

EIT 195  2001/01/18 @ 16:24 UT
EIT 195  2001/01/18 @ 16:24 UT
EIT 195  2001/01/18 @ 16:24 UT
EIT 195  2001/01/18 @ 16:24 UT
Cut-out of EIT 195 image from 2001/01/18 at 16:24 UT, taken from the public SOHO archive, with standard processing & color table. The circle highlights a cosmic ray hit.
Further cut-out, showing the cosmic ray pixels highlighed on the image to the left, with a little different color scaling.
Still the same data, but interpolated (using one of a zillion possible methods) instead of simply resampled as the previous one.
Voila! Finally, after a "touch-up" of the color table, we have what may look like a nice UFO with a glow and exhaust fumes!
See how the same image, having gone through a strikingly similar "enhancement" is used to "prove" the existence of UFOs, in pitches resulting in e.g. this newspaper article (Perth Sunday Times (Australia), 2003/01/19, p. 44). Yes, this was a picture from SOHO, but didn't show any UFO! We believe similar "enhancements", possibly starting with other types of image artifacts (see below for details), are behind all of the recently published "UFO proof" claims. Claims without the time and date of the picture[s] are close to worthless, because the data processing cannot be verified by others.

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