Photographer's Associations

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  1. Advertising Photographers of America - Atlanta
  2. Alberta Professional Photographers Association
  3. American Society of Journalists and Authors - Contracts Watch -  Latest terms and negotiations in the world of newspapers and magazines
  4. The American Society of Media Photographers - Info on ASMP, chapter, and application form
  5. ASMP – American Society of Media Photographers - Austin / San Antonio Chapter
  7. ASMP – American Society of Media Photographers - Chicago / Midwest Chapter
  8. ASMP – American Society of Media Photographers - Houston, Texas
  9. ASMP – American Society of Media Photographers - National Chapter
  10. ASMP – American Society of Media Photographers - Pittsburgh Chapter
  11. ASMP – American Society of Media Photographers - Seattle/Northwest Chapter
  12. Asociación de Fotógrafos Profesionales AFP?PMC - Barelona, Spain
  13. Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications
  14. Association of Photographers UK
  15. Association of Professional Photographers in Iceland
  16. Biological Photographic Association, Inc. (BPA)
  17. BioFoto - Largest photographic association for nature photographers in Norway
  18. British Association of Picture Libraries & Agencies
  19. The Broadcast Education Association
  20. CAPA - The Canadian Association for Photographic Art - National Canadian photographic organization
  21. The Canadian Association of Journalists - National non–profit advocacy and professional development organization serving Canadian journalists from all media
  22. CAPIC - Canadian Association of Photographers & Illustrators in Communications
  23. Center for Photography at Woodstock - Not–for–profit artists' space with programs in education and exhibition ---  Professional workspace, internships and fellowships available
  24. The Center for Photographic Projects - Dedicated to supporting and encouraging imagemakers as they initiate, develop and culminate long–term photographic projects
  25. Center Hall Foundation - Non–profit organization dedicated to delivering literature, photography and other arts topics
  26. Club Giramondo - A group exhibition created by world wide friendship
  27. Connecticut Professional Photographers Association
  28. Corporation des Maitres Photographes du Quebec
  29. Daguerreian Society - Dedicated to the history, science and art of the daguerreotype -- Site has Galleries and Resources
  30. Dallas Professional Photographers Association
  31. Eastern Canadian News Photographers Association
  32. E.P.I.C. — Evidence Photographers International Council, Inc.
  33. F10 Online Forum - Region 10 National Press Photographers Association website serving members of California, Nevada, Arizona, and Hawaii
  34. FIAP – Federation Internationale de l'Art Photographique
  35. Garden Photographic Society - A photographically diverse group whose interests cover most aspects of still photography
  36. Georgia Professional Photographer's Association
  37. Graphic Artists Guild
  38. The History of Photography Group - Facilitates communication among historians of photography
  39. Houston Center for Photography - HCP is a non–profit photo organization with gallery exhibitions and publications
  40. International Association of Panoramic Photographers - IAPP is an affiliate of the Professional Photographers of America
  41. International Center of Photography
  42. International Directory of Photography Historians Homepage
  43. International Fire Photographers Association
  44. International Freelance Photographers Organization
  45. International Industrial Photographers Association
  46. International Stereoscopic Union - The only international stereo club in the world
  47. IPPA Pictures of the Year 1994
  48. International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE)
  49. Kentucky News Photographers Association
  50. Leica Historical Society of America
  51. Light Factory Photographic Arts Center - Non–profit organization promoting contemporary and historical photography from all over the world
  52. Maritime Professional Photographers Association
  53. Massachusetts Underwater Photographic Society
  54. Asociacion de Fotografos ISO400 - Mexican photography association
  55. Michigan Press Photographers Association
  56. M*M*A*A*C - The Midwest Media Artists Access Center
  57. NANPA – American Nature Photography Association - Committed to serving the needs of nature photography.
  58. National Association of Broadcasters
  59. National Association of Freelance Photographers
  60. NPPA – National Press Photographers Association
  61. National Stereoscopic Association
  62. Newcastle University Photographic Society links - List of university and other photo sites.
  63. Newspaper Association of America
  64. New Jersey Metro Fire Photographers Association - Dedicated to the art of fireground photography
  65. Nikon Historical Society
  66. Nikon Historical Society - Official Web Site Of The NHS Of The USA.
  67. North American Nature Photography Association
  68. The Optical Society of America (OSA)
  69. Ophthalmic Photographers' Society
  70. Outdoor Photography Association of Michigan - Ann Arbor, Michigan
  71. The Photographic Historical Society - Rochester, New York
  72. Photographic Historical Society of Canada
  73. PSA – Photographic Society of America
  74. PhotoGreen - A non–profit organization dedicated to the creation, use, exhibition and preservation of nature, wildlife, landscape and environmental photography
  75. Photo Marketing Association International - Unites diverse professionals in the imaging industry worldwide, representing more than 16,000 members in 85 countries
  76. Photo News Network
  77. PhotoZone Gallery - A collective dedicated to the promotion of fine arts photography
  78. PACA – Picture Agency Council of America
  79. Pohjoinen valokuvakeskus - Northern Photographic Center, Finland
  80. Prairie Region of Photographic Arts -  Regional association for the pursuit and development of photography
  81. Professional Military Photographers of Canada
  82. PPA - Professional Photographers of America
  83. Professional Photographers Association of British Columbia
  84. Professional Photographers Association of Manitoba
  85. PPOC - Professional Photographers of Canada
  86. Professional Photographers of Ontario
  87. Professional Photographers Association of New Jersey
  88. Professional Photographers Guild of Houston
  89. Professional Photographers of Cape Cod
  90. Professional Photographers of Greater New York - Wedding, Portrait, and Commercial photographers dedicated to the advancement of professional photography
  91. Professional Photographers Society of Central Florida
  92. Le Professionnels en Photographie et Imagerie du Quebec
  93. Robert Hume's photographer's associations links
  94. Royal Photographic Society
  95. Vision Net - UK – independent photo resource
  96. Saskatchewan Professional Photographers Association
  97. Scottish Photographic Federation (SPF) - Information for the enthusiastic amateur photographer on all kinds of photography in Scotland and throughout the UK, including Entry Forms for International Competitions
  98. Select Foundation
  99. Shreveport Photographic Society - Founded in 1956 to enhance and further the interest of photography and offer fellowship and assistance to its membership and the general public
  100. Society for Contemporary Photography - Encourages interest in fine art photography. Enter our national "Current Works" photography competition. Check our visiting artist workshops, forums, winning images and update newsletter.
  101. Society for Imaging Science and Technology (IS&T)
  102. Society for Photographic Education - Artist's web sites, job listings, newsletter, and conference information
  103. Society of Northern Ohio Professional Photographers
  104. Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (UK) - Incorporating BPPA (The British Professional Photographers Associates)
  105. South Bay Underwater Photographic Society - A forum for the creative underwater photographer
  106. Svenska Fotografernas Forbund - Swedish Photographers Association (in Swedish and English)
  107. Texas Professional Photographer's Association
  108. United Northern Photographers - UK
  109. The University Photographers Association of America
  110. Vox Populi - Montreal, Quebec (french) – artist–run centre dedicated to the promotion and production of photography
  111. Wedding and Portrait Photographer's International Association
  112. Western Australian Photography Intellectual Property Historical Society
  113. The White House News Photographers' Association
  114. World Council of Professional Photographers - Dedicated to serving the interests of associations of professional photographers on a global scale
  115. WFPA – World Field Photographer's Association - Promotes large format photography

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