Light Photo Retouching: Some scratches, improve contrast

Samples may be slow loading!  

We start by scanning your original photograph. In essence, we take a picture of your photograph and transfer the scanned image electronically into our computer. 

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With the use of sophisticated photo-retouching program tools we are able to reconstruct or manipulate the electronic image for maximum quality. 

Note:      We do not alter the original image --- only the electronic copy.

Here is an example of before and after photos in the light retouching category: 

   Thumbnail of the original

Note:     The original and final results are in color. We are showing the before and after in black and white so that this page won't take a long time to load. Please click on the black and white pictures to see the color version. Also, we are not retouching the entire image --- just enough to enhance the subject in the photograph. Most of the wear and tear of the original is to remain.

Just for the fun of it ---- can you guess who the man in the picture is?

Before                                                               After


We are able to output the computer image to a floppy disk. This provides you with a copy of the finished work. This disk can be used at your local photo processing center for the making of a final photographic print suitable for framing.

In addition, you may also use the disk for copying the final image onto your computer. 

Some of the many ways a computer image may be used are:

See a sample of  "Moderate Photo Retouching"

Do you want a second chance at the name of the above subject?

Click here to see an another sample of Light Photo Retouching.

And, you'll most likely be able to identify the above individual.


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