The Old Night Search Paranormal Network Fan Club


The Night Search Paranormal Network, which was also known as NSPN,  was a title given to a webcast radio broadcasting network of talk shows presented through a webcasting station located in North Carolina. 

Night Search Paranormal Network webcasting had its debut in August of 2001 after months of research and positive effort by many hard working and creative innovators to the process.

Broadcasting of the live talk shows was achieved through the efforts of various individuals working in harmony and included the following:

1.      Many phone-in show hosts from various locations around the world with each presenting his or her own phone-in guests from other parts of the world during pre-scheduled show times all operating through the North Carolina webcasting station.

2.      The Night Search Paranormal Network website designer who created, designed and maintained (daily / hourly updates) a unique and very effective website which was commonly known as nightsearch .net in 2001 and the early part of 2002

3.      Those individuals providing and maintaining the 14 hours per day - 6 days per week services at the webcasting station for world wide live show presentation and recorded show replay over the Internet. 

4.      The webcasting hosting company working together with the webcasting station for streaming the various shows via satellite link to the Internet show subscriber.

5.      The principle founder who was to maintain the charge and collection of funds for covering the costs of operation of website design and maintenance, website hosting services, webcasting station expenses, and the expense of the webcasting hosting company.