CoJo Invoicing


Invoice and Contract  Plus Web Design Cost:

CoJo charges are based on basic packages prices. Backgrounds, buttons and bars are included as stock graphic sets. Custom work for these items is based on a per hour fee and is a separate and additional charge.

Size of the project determines the cost. For small projects, under $700, all fees must be paid in advance. For larger projects, a fifty percent retainer is required at the time contract is signed, with final payment due upon completion. Any additional work, such as custom design not initially foreseen at beginning of contract but agreed upon during the website building process, will be added into the final payment.


A contract is required for all projects no matter what size. Please email us for detail on CoJo's contract. Please remit payment along with your contract. A copy will be sent back to you upon receipt.


Domain Registration and Hosting:

You will be charged by the domain registration company a fee of 35.00 for a two year contract and 35.00 for every two years thereafter.

We use a very reputable company in which to host our clients sites. The monthly (separate from CoJo) cost for a standard website starts at 24.95 per month, for a 100 GB Data Transfer, and more, plus the company charge for set up. Other options are available. We will help you through the process of getting your site registered.


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