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Willow Rand was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the age of 27. Desperate for options, she sought help from a country healer. After working with herbs for only three months, she was examined by physicians again and told that she no longer had cancer. This proved to be the inspiration for her life’s work. Frustrated by what was available to the public, she began developing her own herbal products. Willow realized that the emotions play an important part in healing the physical body. She took seven years to carefully create herbal formulas that have positive and powerful psychological as well as physiological effects. Willow opened a clinic that offered a variety of alternative services, including iridology and herbal therapies. After 22 years of working directly with clients, last year Willow established a website on the Internet ( to make her unique line of products available to everyone. Her program on NSPN is another step in her lifelong career of educating people about the ways in which herbs can change our lives for the better.

"Willow's Wisdom" is an opportunity for listeners to better understand how their bodies work, what they can do to assist in their own healing process, and how herbs can play a part. Most people know more about how their car works than how their body works. This program will be like giving you an owners' manual for your body. It will challenge everything you think you know about how the body works, and will explain the true origin of disease. We will go into detail on how emotions affect different parts of the body, and what herbal formulas work best to balance and clear those emotions. Most people spend their lives putting band-aids on their symptoms; we will look at what is underneath those symptoms. We think you'll be surprised to discover that the process is not as mysterious as you think.

Co-host Richard Graham served in government for 22 years before joining Willow last year in her work with the Roots of Light products. He and Willow have just finished writing a book about their unusual connection to one another.

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