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Author and Lecturer, Randolph Winters has been investigating UFO's for over 20 years. His interest began in 1979 when information surrounding a Swiss farmer named Eduard "Billy" Meier came to his attention. Randolph's interest in the Billy Meier UFO case led him to Schmidruti, Switzerland where he met Billy and spent several months with him at his home. After becoming friends, Billy shared with him the information that he had received from the Pleiades. There had been over 115 physical contacts producing 1800 pages of "Contact Notes" covering the conversations that he had with these off world visitors and another 2000 pages Billy had written on special subjects such as the Meditation, the Psyche, the Origin of Life, Science, Philosophy, and Poetry. Randolph is considered an authority on the Pleiadian case. He is the author of the book, The Pleiadian Mission, and the video, The Pleiadian Connection.

A well-known speaker, he has traveled to all parts of Earth sharing the knowledge from the Pleiades.


THE PLEIADIAN MISSION Written by Randy, The Pleiadian Mission is a book about the life and experiences of Billy Meier, a Swiss farmer in Switzerland. This is a book of education and awareness. It provides the explanation and understanding of higher consciousness that will be needed by the people of earth to move into the New Age and create a future of peace. The Pleiadian Mission is about the spiritual information given to the people of earth about our "life cycles" and our role in the Universe. Man has been searching for a reason for his existence, the meaning of his life and what lies ahead in the future. This book will explain and answer these questions based on the information from the Pleiadian teachers who visited earth.



In 1987 Randy made a one-hour Video covering the Billy Meier contacts. This tape was made to be shown on television. Currently it runs on hundreds of small cable stations all over the country. Letters come from all parts of the world including China, Australia and Europe testifying to the inspiration of THE PLEIADIAN CONNECTION video tape. The tape is marketed in special order catalogs, bookstores and direct mail.



Randolph has also produced an informative audio tape set called The UFO Pleiadian Contacts which contains 16 ninety minute tapes and a book of drawings covering the 115 Pleiadian contacts with messages for the people of earth.



He has been a contributing editor for UFO Library magazine, Perceptions Magazine, and UFO Universe, and writing regular features on the Pleiadian UFO case.



Randy has spoken at over 500 events that past 15 years including Colleges, The International UFO Congress, UFO Expo West, Art Bell chat clubs, Whole Life Expos, Star Knowledge Conferences, Psychic Fairs, and many other conferences dealing with Mind Spirit. His lectures will provide you with an understanding of the History of life on Earth and the Philosophy of life from another human race far more advanced then our own. He also speaks on the propulsion used by these off world visitors to travel around our galaxy and beyond as well as the Spiritual Laws of the Universe.


Radio and Television: 

Randolph has appeared on an NBC news special on UFO's, two Fox Television specials on UFOs. He has appeared on Strange Universe and 25 other Cable Television shows on the UFO phenomena. He has been a guest several times on the Art Bell Radio show and hundreds of other talk radio shows around the country. He was the creator of the first UFO Expo in Los Angeles as well he has lectured at the Whole Life Expo, UFO Expo West and many other UFO conference around America and Europe. Considered an authority on the Pleiadian case, his lectures always prove to be both informative and entertaining.

The Winters Plan, A New Vision for America. His latest book is a well-laid out plan on how we can take control of our country and make our government work for our benefit. It starts with a trip to the future to se how life could be different if we based our society on The Wisdom of Education, instead of The Force of

Legislation. Taking the role of President, Randolph then goes on to explain how he would manage the country if given the chance.

Website: http://www.wintersplan.com 

Email:  pleja@earthlink.net

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