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Bio --- Phil Sparks

As a small child Phil remembered early on a fairly vivid past life, with some recurring dreams of some others. This made his perceptions and interests appear very strange to his fellow peers. The frustration levels he reached finding no one had similar interests and perceptions made him decide to shut down his knowingness and "cloak," as he likes to put it. In the 50's and 60's people were not as receptive to metaphysical understandings and reincarnation as they have become now. So, though appearing almost normal  (emphasis on the "almost") to friends and family, Phil nevertheless pursued his interests in these topics, and others, and found himself led in directions which validated his rather unique way of perceiving things.

Over the years though, keeping his cloak of invisibility on full time, he would occasionally share insights into aspects of the physical and the non-physical world with very close friends in which his own research would find tremendous contradiction. So many times his own discoveries preempted their eventual incorporation into the new paradigm that it soon became obvious that it was perhaps ok to remove his cloak on occasion and speak his mind. This led eventually to a nickname being given to him by his friends that he goes by today : "The Enlightened Barbarian." 

One of his best friends, Robin Quail, has persuaded him to share some of his rather unique perceptions on these topics, some of which are :

1) the Hollow Earth---fact or fiction?
2) Various anomalies encountered by Polar Explorers
3) Discoveries made by Admiral Byrd at both the North and South Poles
4) Physical configuration of this Earth and all planets
5) Centrifugal forces at work
6) Vortexes, water sources, icebergs, snow
7) Gravity, Volcanoes, Oxygen, the Sun
8) Men in Black, Mind Control, Hidden Agendas, Religion
9) Aliens, Grays, Reptilians, Shape-Shifters
10) Hierarchies, Great White Brotherhood, Channeling, the brain, thought
11) Big Foot, Dimensions (other realities)
12) Evolution (the nature of Reality), God, Ascension (what is it?)

He would continually refer to statements made in his first show
with The Old Night Search Paranormal Network (NSPN) of October 5, 2001, 9pm. Eastern Standard Time and stresses the need to have a hard copy of that first tape to understand the context and direction of the shows that would follow. 


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