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Paul Anderson is a researcher, writer and graphic artist with a background primarily in print publishing and graphic design.

With life-long interests in and advocacy of future studies, science / technology, alternative science and alternative media issues, he began seriously researching and investigating these and related issues in 1988, initially as a field investigator and then Vancouver and later BC director for MUFON (Mutual UFO Network).

In the early 1990s, as a visual artist he became interested in pursuing a newly emerging phenomenon, the visually-inspiring global crop circle enigma. Seeing a need for a more organized non-profit based network to seriously investigate the phenomenon in his own country, he founded Circles Phenomenon Research Canada (an affiliate of Circles Phenomenon Research International) in 1995, which then became an independent organization, the Canadian Crop Circle Research Network, in 2001 and is the Canadian director for that group which now has coordinators and field research assistants in seven provinces. He publishes the CCCRN web site and the CCCRN News e-mail news service as well as other reports and articles (primarily relating to the crop circle phenomenon from a Canadian perspective).

His newest major initiative is The Eras Project, launched in 2001, a non-profit future studies research and education project, a broader synthesis of his research background. He publishes the TEP web site and the Eras News e-mail news service as well as other reports and articles. Another part of this initiative is Eras, the quarterly print journal for TEP, due for initial publication later in 2001.

Media coverage of his work has included interviews on 'Sightings on the Radio', '21st Century Radio', 'Dreamland', 'X-Zone', 'Strange Days...Indeed', 'The Susan Cameron-Block Show', CBC Radio, CKNW, MYCityRadio, BCTV, Rogers Community TV, Mediaontap, TalkTV, Tri-State Media, and others, and related reports and articles have been published in various print and online media sources, includingThe National Post, The Vancouver Sun, The Calgary Herald,The Western Producer, Alive Magazine, Wireless Flash and numerous others. He also gives frequent public presentations on relevant issues for various groups and conferences.

He resides in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Other interests and obsessions include film, travel, jazz and golf.


UPCOMING LECTURES - FALL 2001    ( these lectures are now over and remain a part of history, yet the info may be of interest to you )

Exclusive overviews, with slides and video, of the Canadian crop circles in 2001 (with a bumper crop of 20 reported formations overall this year) as well as international reports, including the results of Crop Watch 2001, CCCRN's annual field investigation project in the Canadian prairies during the August / September 'circle season', with both aerial and ground documentation and other anomalous effects experienced and recorded.

The Journeys Beyond Conference in Mobile, Alabama will include a joint presentation by CCCRN director Paul Anderson and BLT Research Team field research coordinator Nancy Talbott. As a tie-in with the Canadian overview, Nancy will new provide new information on lab testing results, from three other independent scientists / labs in the US in the fields of mineralogy, x-ray diffraction, geology and statistical analysis, of soil samples from the Edmonton, Alberta seven-circle pictogram formation from 1999 which have provided some of the strongest evidence yet for a real phenomenon, relating to heat effects on soil. These studies support previous findings suggesting the involvement of high, short-duration heat in the creation of at least some crop formations.

In Vancouver, CCCRN gives regular presentations for the Monday Night Free Lectures at Barclay Manor, a beautiful historical house in the heart of Vancouver's West End close to downtown (part of the West End Community Centre).

Bellingham, Washington, USA
November 3, 2001
Bellingham Public Library (Main Conference Room), 210 Central Avenue,
Bellingham, Washington
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Free admission ($5.00 donation requested)
Presented by CONTACT (Center for Ontological Action)
For further information:
Tel: 360.380.0473

Journeys Beyond Conference
Mobile, Alabama, USA
November 9 - 11, 2001
Adam's Mark Hotel, 64 South Water Street, Mobile, Alabama CCCRN / BLT presentation: November 10, 2001, 3:00 pm - 5:30 pm Other scheduled speakers:
Stanton Friedman, John Mack, Budd Hopkins, Dannion Brinkley, Dolores Cannon, Pat Fitzhugh, Bruce Moen, William Henry, Franceen King Admission: $110.00 (all lectures, before October 15), $125.00 (all lectures, after October 15, before November 1), $140.00 (all lectures, at the door), $15.00 (individual lectures) or $20.00 - $25.00 (individual workshops), all prices US $

Presented by Journeys Beyond
For further information:
Tel: 251.626.6131
Fax: 251.625.2908


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