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Patrick Cross Has been hunting and researching ghosts for the last 15 years. He grew up in a haunted home with as many as 12 ghosts and spirits! Patrick currently lectures on ghosts and is called upon by the media for paranormal information, ghost investigations and psychic help in "clearing ghosts and spirits". He is considered one of Canada's Top Authorities on the subject of ghosts, paranormal activity and the supernatural, having a degree in Psychology and Police Sciences. 

Patrick has had several experiences with Aliens and Abductions and remembers a blue light enter his bedroom while he slept, only to wake paralyzed unable to move in November 1997. He was fully awake when the beam of light passed him through the bedroom wall and he was transported to an alien ship. Since 1984,an alien implant was also found in his thumb, Patrick feels he is being tracked and has many times encountered alien-"grays" coming through his living room walls. He does believe there is a connection between the paranormal and aliens using the same vortex to travel through to this dimension. Patrick is also leader and Lead Vocalist / Guitarist of Sci-Fi Prodigy.

Sci-Fi Prodigy performs their original eerie music in haunted houses, crop circles, UFO landing sights and has gained a huge X-Files, Star Trek fan following. Sci-Fi Prodigy has also been featured on many radio and TV shows as well as performing concerts / special events / sci-fi conventions. The band actually investigates ghosts and haunting's and all members of the band have had ghost /UFO experiences. Sci-Fi receives 5,000 hits a day on their web site listed in the top 100 on all UFO, alien, paranormal, search engines. 

"I grew up in a home in which we had continual paranormal manifestations-ranging from knockings, rapping's, voices, whispers, loud repeated banging's, sounds of footsteps, screams, breathing, scratching's and claw marks on and inside the walls, something being dragged across the basement floor, wings flapping, doors opening and closing and images of people fading in and out of rooms. There would appear drops of blood on the basement floor and in the kitchen cupboards only to appear again after being wiped up"-quotes Patrick. Currently, Patrick is writing his first Book, Titled-HAUNTED POSSESSIONS- based on actual paranormal incidents and true stories of Haunted Objects due out in May 2001. Watch for it in stores Chapters and Indigo Books out this Spring under a USA Publisher.


Patrick Cross-Credits and TV / radio show / media appearances include:

CTV Television-"Camilla Scott", CTV-Dini Petti, Art Bell Radio Show, BBC-"Contact Documentary" London England, Fox-"Sightings" TV Show, Newstalk640 AM-Tom Rivers Show-Toronto, NIGHT SEARCH-KRVL with Eddie Middleton, Next Step-Discovery Channel, The X-Zone Radio Show with Rob McConnell-610am CKTB, CBC-Toronto, City TV-with Anne Rhoemer, City Pulse News-Toronto, The New X-Zone Radio, CFBU Fm, St. Catharine's, Ontario.


Join Canada's Top Ghost Hunter, Patrick Cross, as he brings the world of the Paranormal and Ghosts to You! Explore Canada's Spookiest Places and Encounters with Ghosts, the Unexplained and the Mysterious from actual investigations all over Canada.

Listen to Patrick's many accounts of Ghosts that do walk among us.

Learn how to photograph ghosts, record sounds and video tape ghosts and even talk to a ghost! Patrick is a well credited Paranormal Researcher, Ghost Hunter and Parapsychologist. His radio, TV and media credits include: BBC London England, CTV Television, Fox TV, City TV-Toronto, CBC-Canada, CNN, Night Search, Discovery Channel,

ON TV, YTV Television, Chum FM, Q107FM, Talk 640am, Art Bell Coat To Coast, The X-Zone Radio Show, Beyond the Unexplained with Janet Russell and many more. A fascinating and intriguing host, Patrick makes the paranormal seem normal! 




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