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Paul Anderson - Fields of Dreams Paul Anderson is the Founder / Director of the Canadian Crop Circle Research Network. He is a  well respected researcher and lecturer in both Canada and the USA dealing with crop circle formations and the enigma behind them. Paul was part of the Night Search Paranormal Network Worldwide Paranormal Report until its principle founder stopped the ability for programming to continue through the webstation in North Carolina. 


March 10, 2002

Due to NSPN closing its webstation in North Carolina, Fields of Dreams is no longer being broadcast; because of circumstances involving this shutdown (no notice given to or discussion with the former webstation manager, webmaster or other hosts, whose work made NSPN what it was) by NSPN's principle founder, I have decide not to continue the program with the new broadcasting company (the World Paranormal Forum) on the new webstation in Indiana in April; thanks to everyone for your support.

Paul Anderson
(Former) Host

Founder / Director
Canadian Crop Circle Research Network




George C Andrews - Midnight Express From Marseilles to Memphis "A Point of View from France" George is a well known veteran and an adept master of UFO and Alien abduction research.  The show, A point of View from France, specialized in, but was not limited to, coverage of UFO activity and paranormal phenomena in France and elsewhere, all the way from deep antiquity to the more recent updates. Topics of marginal relevance, such as conspiracy theories and environmental, health, or political issues were discussed and compared to the extent that they help to more fully understand the context in which the paranormal events occurred. 

James Bartley - (BAHA) Directorate V - Reptilian Section Bartley is an adept student of Military History with an emphasis on Intelligence - Counterintelligence and Special Operations. James also worked for the Civil Service at a major military command in an Intelligence related capacity. He has been exposed to high levels of Spiritual Warfare, and applies his knowledge to the study of the malevolent alien race of reptilians. Bartley's work deals with identifying methods of Alien and particularly Reptilian control and developing effective countermeasures. The broadcast carried this sign - WARNING: This show isn't for those who become easily upset with graphic detail about alien abduction and it isn't a show for young children to listen to.

Prudence Calabrese - The Larger Universe   These broadcasts covered the latest in provocative talk about the universe of remote viewing, knosomatics and the paranormal with hosts, Prudence Calabrese and  co-host, John Vivanco!

Bufo Calvin - Bufo’s WEIRD WORLD Bufo is a California, USA native. He gave a 60-minute once a month report on findings from around the globe. His topics covered everything from Bigfoot to the latest movies and television shows dealing with anomalous phenomena. He was part of the NSPN Worldwide Paranormal Report

Patrick Cross - Ghosts Among Us! Canada's Top Ghost Hunter, Patrick Cross, was a host whose program brought the world of the Paranormal and Ghosts to his listeners. His broadcast explored Canada's Spookiest Places and Encounters with Ghosts, the Unexplained and the Mysterious from actual investigations all over Canada.

Bob Eure Hard Indisputable Evidence  This very informative and highly interesting program included all aspects of the UFO I Alien phenomenon; e.g. what it means for planet Earth. Why we must be informed about it, especially at this time and about a gigantic disclosure program now in the making. 

Pat Fitzhugh - The Bell Witch and Other Paranormal  Mysteries  Pat is an expert on the Bell Witch case in Tennessee. It's the story of a "spirit" that haunted and terrorized an early pioneer family – driving a man to his death and inflicting a malevolent reign of terror on an entire community. The disturbances took place in Robertson County, Tennessee during the early 1800s, near the present-day town of Adams.  He has written extensive works on the subject and has been privy to other disturbing haunting's across the USA.

Chris Fleming - Unknown Magazine Hour Out of the pages of Unknown Magazine, the worlds top Paranormal and supernatural magazine, came a hard edged show of unusual proportions. The listener joined the publisher of Unknown Magazine, Christopher Stephen Fleming as he interviews some of the most experienced and knowledgeable people in the paranormal / supernatural field today.

kt Frankovich kt Frankovich Reports It's as though the anomalous follows kt around because she has experienced so much in her life. She's an award winning motion picture and television writer from the famed Frankovich family which formerly headed Columbia Studios. k.t. Frankovich specialized in major motion picture documentary wildlife films and as a result, she holds the prestigious Gold Venus Medallion. 

Andrew Hennessey - The Scottish X-Files  This was a weekly show bringing you the latest news, interviews and expose of the alien presence, abductions and encounters in Scotland - plus Templars, Highlanders, Cloning, surveillance and the NWO in Scotland, the Bloodlines, revelations of the Scottish Atlantis, Secret Societies and Secret History, and, Scottish Human and Reptile Origins, and, any other cover-up that he could get his hands on. 

GeorgeAnn Hughes - The Byte Show GeorgeAnn is a computer expert who presented a monthly show dealing with a comprehensive look at the unsettling events of our current times, including angels, earth changes, ancient mysteries, Biblical text dealing with Nephilim, aliens in the Bible. She also discussed the growing phenomenon of computer terrorism and alert listeners to the latest viruses and downloads that could be deadly to your computer system!  

Colleen Johnston  Specter Sector  This show was dedicated to delving into many of the things that go bump in the night. As reality seems to be shifting, it's as though a veil is lifting to usher in the anomalous.  Colleen and cohost  brought forth experts dealing with the areas of poltergeist, crop circles  activity, biological terrorism and disasters, exorcisms, as well as Bigfoot and Chupacabra mysteries, and the Bible code.  Colleen also helped expose the darker agendas of UFO, new age channeling  groups, weather anomalies, earth changes, electromagnetic disturbances, possible earth pole shifts, asteroids, unusual solar activity and modern day prophecies. A half hour of the show was  dedicated to discussing anomalous news events. The shows guests included a team of regular update persons as well as top guests in the paranormal field of investigation. Among a bevy of regular updaters dealing with these topics were Joyce Murphy, Patricia Doyle, Nancy Talbot, and Kent Steadman! The broadcast carried this sign - WARNING: This show isn't for those who become easily upset with discussions about earth changes, end times prophecy, destructive cults, demonic manifestations and the related subject matter. It isn't a show for young children to listen to.

Eve Lorgen - ET Insider With various co hosts Eve covered all aspects of the UFO field including alien abduction, MILABS (Military abductions), covert mind control methods, alien resistance techniques. Counter measure projects that involve natural healing, hardcore spiritual warfare. The broadcast carried this sign - WARNING: This show isn't for those who become easily upset about alien abduction and the related subject matter. It isn't a show for young children to listen to.

Eddie Middleton - Night Search  As the Principle Founder of Night Search, Eddie covered unusual topics involving conspiracy, world wide cover-ups and other outrageous stories that provoke serious thought about who really controls the matrix of reality. 

Joyce Murphy Beyond Boundaries Reports Joyce has been to about every continent on the globe pursuing  anomalous stories from real people. In some cases she has been privy to that are totally unheard of on other broadcasts. Out side of her fantastic reports, she often promotes literal paranormal excursions for groups of people to go to on. Joyce was a presenter on Colleen Johnston's Specter Sector.

Steve Nance - Pinnacles of the Unknown Steve is a UFO /alien abduction researcher with a military background in communications as well as experiencing a major UFO sighting with his wife in 1977. Steve brought his keen sense of logic and research to the UFO phenomenon as well as  discussions about many related phenomena to his broadcasts.

Vella New with Vella's Visions Vella New is a well known Memphis, TN area psychic who dose selected psychic readings and provided her psychic insight into many events. She also be helped teach others how to open up to their own intuitive abilities. 

Aage Nost - The Hidden Truth   Aage's show focused on many of the travesties of justice occurring in government, and bringing the shocking realities to light for the sovereign citizens of the United States as well as the world! 

Willow Rand and Richard Graham - Willow's Wisdom Willow has spent the past twenty-two years perfecting what she discovered when she literally brought herself back from the brink of death, and during her broadcasts she passesd on to listeners her knowledge and teachings. This show challenged everything you think you know about how the body works, and helped explain the true origin of disease.

Phil Sparks - Conversations with an Enlightened Barbarian Phil is a NC resident who has embarked on a spiritual journey which has led him to uncover what he believes to be not extraterrestrials but intraterrestrials! That's right, aliens who live within the earths deep hollow caverns. 

Will Thomas -  Will Thomas Investigates William Thomas is an independent investigative award winning journalist specializing in health and environment. Among his area of expertise are, contrail investigation, biological toxin impact on our health and environment. He interviews many worldwide researchers, biologists and other professionals to help heighten the awareness of society about the potential hazards of the air we breathe, food we eat and the water we drink. 

Pastor Chris Ward - The Exorcist Files  Chris discussed various aspects of demonic possession and case studies of many exorcisms he and his team have  preformed. Chris also discussed exposing the malevolent aspects of alien abduction, and the possibility that these abductors may have a more sinister agenda and may not be alien at all. The broadcast carried this sign - Warning: This show is not for people who are  easily upset by the exorcism concept and not a show for young children.

Randy Winters - In the Dark Randy, a memorable author and UFO abduction - contactee investigator shared from his experience.


Other Shows - UFO UK-Bulletin from Britain with well known British researcher Nick Pope


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