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James Bartley is an Abductee who has been exposed to high levels of Spiritual Warfare. He has studied in England and Germany. He is a student of Military History with an emphasis on Intelligence- Counterintelligence and Special Operations. James has worked in the Semiconductor Industry, the Telecommunications Industry and in County Government as an Ombudsmen. James also worked for the Civil Service at a major military command in an Intelligence related capacity. He is a former business owner.

Mission Statement: 

The Bureau of Alien Human Affairs (BAHA) Directorate V - Reptilian Section

The emphasis of James Bartley's work deals with identifying methods of Alien and particularly Reptilian control and developing effective countermeasures. James stresses the importance of raising ones Awareness about the breadth and depth of the Reptilian Overlordship. 

All Alien Abductees and Project Persons (i.e. those humans enmeshed in Deep Black Mind Control programs that may or may not involve Non Human Life Forms) must one day be able to differentiate between the various forms of Non-Human and Human Programming and identify specific projects that people are compelled to participate in without their conscious awareness or approval. The Academic Community and the Mainstream Print and Electronic Media need not be consulted as sources or references for this sort of information. Indeed, the latter are largely responsible for the complete obliviousness the Public has about these critical issues. 

The public at large and the work a day world they are immersed in is merely a sideshow. The emphasis for today's Spiritual Warriors should no longer be on "Educating the Public" or "Convincing your friends and relatives" about Alien-Human Affairs. The emphasis should be on Self Education for those of us who are undergoing the experiences. 

We can stop deferring to the "Experts" in the Alien Abduction field who systematically ignore and downplay various facets of the Abduction Sydrome. Most of these "Abduction Experts" claim they are not abductees! To my mind they are hardly qualifed to define the nature of someone else's abduction experiences. Likewise those who are suffering from grandiosity and self delusion within the Abduction, MILAB or Mind Controlled populations need not be taken seriously and should be avoided lest they bring disruption and chaos into your life. The only humans who have the answers besides the perpetrators and mind controllers, are the people who are having the experiences. We need to decipher and break through the amnesiac barriers and blocks installed upon us by Non-Humans and Human Mind Controllers alike. 

The Reptilian Section (RS) of Directorate 5, the Bureau of Alien and Human Affairs (BAHA) is dedicated to being your bi weekly one hour program dedicated to bringing you the most hardcore information available. We are not going to discuss subjects which delve into the "Gray Areas" of UFO/Paranormal research such as "the gray hybrid scenario," or "Positive and Negative Polarities," and the endless variety of "Creation Stories," and "Mytho Histories" that have little or no relevance to what is happening today.

This is the wrong program to listen to for any of that. On the other hand if you are interested in listening to largely unpopular and truly hardcore information regarding Spiritual Warfare, Deep Black Military Involvement, the Reptilian Overlordship and first hand testimonies from Spiritual Warriors the world over then tune in On Monday  Nights from 11PM to 12AM EST the First and Third Monday of every month.

James Bartley 
The Bureau of Alien Human Affairs (BAHA)
Directorate 5 - Reptilian Section

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