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From an early age, Chris Fleming was prone to extraordinary encounters, seeing ghosts, demons, and angels, occasionally with witnesses. He eventually learned to accept and integrate these experiences and utilize his unique insights.

After years of hearing others talk about their extraordinary experiences, Chris chose to document these in his publication, UNKNOWN Magazine: real experiences of unusual phenomena, which debuted in the Spring of 1997. Since the release of the first issue, Chris has met countless ordinary people with similar experiences from around the globe. He has been featured on numerous radio and TV talk shows all around the world as well as given lectures on his own personal experiences and those featured in UNKNOWN Magazine. 

In his spare time Chris joins forces with various ghost hunters investigating haunted places. Whenever able, he lends his ear and gives peace of mind to those whom have had their own traumatic paranormal experiences.

Chris plans to bring forward real people from all over the world to share their first hand encounters with the Unknown as well as share his own experiences. Each show will give strength and empowerment to those who fear going public. His goal is simple; to convince the world that the truth is not only out there, but also within ourselves.

The Show: The Unknown Magazine Hour

Out of the pages of Unknown Magazine, the worlds top Paranormal and supernatural magazine, comes a hard edged show of unusual proportions.

Join the publisher of Unknown Magazine, Christopher Stephen Fleming as he interviews some of the most experienced and knowledgeable people in the paranormal / supernatural field today.

Hear controversial information, some for the first time!

This show is guaranteed to make you think and wonder!!

"As the host of Unknown Magazine Hour I intend to interview top people in the field of the unknown and unexplained. Those who have come forward with an abundance of knowledge and discoveries not discussed by today's mainstream media. My goal is to enlighten, expose, and deliver the truth. Through the, discussion of facts, history, concrete evidence, and first hand experiences, the public will be presented with some of the most amazing things ever heard."

-Christopher Stephen Fleming


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