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"There can only be everyone"


Andrew was born 14/4/57 in Edinburgh, Scotland. From an academic background in science and an education in abduction, he completely transformed into a busy; poet, rock musician, tarot reader and artist - and writer of unifying theories of relativity. After a few nocturnal sessions, he soon started to bloom under the tutelage of his visitors - that is until he discovered that there was a war, and that HE was in it. 

Repeatedly stripped of his careers by heavy handed treatment from the security service in the UK - he became active in Music and professional research, writing; new Celtic music and shows and writing the artificial intelligence that could enable interstellar flight and robotics and re-inventing Tesla's confiscated' theory of Free Energy - 'The Theory of Environmental Energy' - some of this was peer reviewed by the Tavistock Institute, London, England.

A spook from MI5 once said of his Celtic show 'A farewell to dawn' --- 'this stuff is dangerous.. !' An unknown person of military appearance/dress recently seriously damaged Andrews right arm at the elbow with a specialist martial arts handshake at the rooms where he was rehearsing with his violin.

The injury required Hospital attention and caused the loss of professional engagements. The stranger could not be identified or traced.

Andrews contact and ongoing commune with the forces of light are shared by many people united in a common purpose - to create a better world.

Andrew continues to operate as a professional musician His Music and shows - free samples and shop etc at

His latest Scottish Folk Album by JACOUSE is at:  
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Andrew's [electric fiddle players'] other new CD release called The FIDEL OF XORG - Scottish Music has Been INVADED Contains many original tracks from his musical voyage that has taken him
across Europe, playing in theatres and shows and festivals - many of the songs, compositions and arrangements are his own - and helped put together in many many styles with a veritable army of talented helpers. This is the kind of music never played on Scottish radio that much or sold to the
tourists - the real Celtic roots.

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His research into the local Scottish Stuff that MI5 thinks is a Global threat: THE MYSTERY OF STARGATE EDINBURGH - Templars, second coming, alien invasion, Scottish Jerusalem and the last Battle.

Recent Hackers include the IP's of Global Communications company Lucent Technology - and the Ministry of Communications in Kuwait.

Scientific Research and other writings, poetry and images and sounds can be found at Andrews website or  and runs a forum at yahoo groups called ScottishXfiles

The Show: The Scottish X-Files

The show that brings you the latest news, interviews and expose of the alien presence, abductions and encounters in Scotland - plus Templars, Highlanders, Cloning, surveillance and the NWO in Scotland, the Bloodlines, revelations of the Scottish Atlantis, Secret Societies and Secret History, and, Scottish Human and Reptile Origins, and any other cover-up that we can get our hands on - there can be only everyone !!!

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Andrew Hennessey has played on the Scottish scene for many years, touring Europe, and the Scottish heartland. his team of musicians bring his compositions and ideas to life - the electric fiddle of ambassador xorg [Andrew] still sings in Scotland today.

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THE FIDEL OF XORG - tracklist

01. AIR OF PATRICK [trad, arr. Hennessey Lynch]
02. LORD MACPHERSON [Graham, arr Hennessey Lynch]
03. FAERY RING [Hennessey, Solan]
04. LITTLE CASCADES [trad, arr Hennessey,Lynch]
05. SPIRALLING [Dignan]
06. DANCE OF THE TWIN SOULS [Hennessey, Solan]
07. NIGHTWATCH [Hennessey, arr Lynch]
08. HELP ME [bug music, arr Lynch]
09. JOHNNY B GOODE [mautoglade music, arr Black Dogs]
10. IMAGES OF FATE [Dignan]
11. WEATHERTOP [Cruickshank]
12. THE HERON [Hennessey, arr Waylan]
13. LOYALTY [Dignan]
14. CAPTAIN CARSWELL [trad, arr Black Dogs]
15. BEGGAR'S SONG [Hennessey, arr Dignan]
16. SAILING HOME [Hennessey, Solan]
17. BACH MEETS THE BHOYS [Hennessey, Solan]
18. SPRING DANCE [Hennessey, Mason]
19. SUMMER SOLSTICE [Hennessey, Mason]
20. WINTER SOLSTICE [Hennessey, Mason]
21. CITY OF NEW ORLEANS [Goodman, Cauther Fair]
22. JOCK O' HAZELDEAN [Trad arr Jacouse]

Andrew Hennessey - aka - AMBASSADOR XORG - composes and plays, starfish electric fiddle, acoustic fiddle, whistle, keyboards, bodhran - with the cast of SOLAN GLOBAL FOUNDRY - shop for in the US or in the UK.

joe lynch, sam waylan, neil, petra, john dignan, nicole wallach, manfred malzahn, tim mason, alan cruickshank, the black dogs,

original artistic literature, theories of; relativity and free energy, omega-files, aliens, conspiracies - goto - the incredible -    

XORG can be contacted at email

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