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1.     Born in 1946 in Steinkjer, Norway

2.     At the age of 12, I built an electronic UFO detector that worked

3.   From the age of 12 I have been involved in UFO, Paranormal and Spiritual research.

4.   I have practiced hypnosis since the age of 18, as well as taught classes on it

5.   Graduate from Mere Agricultural College, in Norway

6.   A student of many sciences including metaphysics, theoretical physics and different forms and     theories of spirituality

7.   At the age of 25 I came to the U.S.A. to go to flight school

8.   In flight school I earned the Commercial Pilot License, became an Instructor for Instrument Rating) Multi Engine and Multi Engine Instrument Rating.

9.   With a partner I started a Flight school that grew in to an International Air Taxi and Air Carrier

10. I have flown piston, Turbo Prop and Jet airplanes with c.a. 15,000 flight hours

11. Did Oil Painting

12. Taught the Subliminal Dynamics Mind development Course which teaches to assimilate information from a book at the rate of 150,000 words per minutes.

13. In 1994 became a Patent holder

14. Created "Freedom, Civil Rights Investigation Service"

15. Published a News Letter: "The Constitutional Liberator"

16. Co-wrote and authored the book "Alien Encounters in America's Midwest

17. Have hosted several radio shows and TV shows, including the ongoing TV show:

"The Hidden Truths" in Tucson Arizona, to be seen locally and on the internet at http://access.tucson.org at 8:00 PM locally on Sunday nights.

18. For many years I have done financial planning, including as a Pure Trust provider, Offshore  Trusts, Offshore bank accounts giving total financial privacy  

19. I got on the Ballot and ran for Congress in the fall of 2000

20. I operate a radio station on 94.3FM in Tucson with all talk radio


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