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The Internet and Your Business - Your Business can be seen ranking high on the front page of the search engines even without a website!

In advertising there’s always one more leaf on the tree – one more marketing idea. Here’s a unique way to draw attention to your business!

  A Unique Way to Draw Traffic to Your Business 

I am always looking for positive ways to draw traffic to's WNC Shopping and Vacation Guide website. This marketing effort is so visitors can better get familiar with WNC, learn of the various businesses listed in the Business Directory, and see your business advertisements.

The Internet offers businesses a truly unique opportunity for presenting detailed information of services and company product. As in any advertising strategy the idea is to get noticed. The most important way to get noticed on the Internet is to be listed prominently in the most popular search engines such as

So, by looking for your business in the search engine under several keyword searches you may see your website or business page listed. If you're not marketed to show in the search engines - well - you're not going to be seen by the Internet business researcher. Here are a few examples of a keyword search:  Used Furniture, Hendersonville, NC ( pretending you're a possible client looking for used furniture stores in the Hendersonville area ), or Storage, Hendersonville, NC ( as if a possible client is looking for your storage business in Hendersonville, NC ), etc.

Stay with me --- I'm going to present a fast way to get into the search engines as listed below.

Normally it takes some time to get enough hits to a website for it to show high in the listings on the search engine pages - best is being seen on page #1. It can take months to even get listed on any page, and that would come after individually submitting to the various top 20 or so search engines. So, here's the fast way to get listed in the search engines, and not just on any page, but on or close to the first search engine page. ---- We could piggyback a Business Page with a link to your website on in addition to any marketing you or your webmaster have already done. Just keep reading if you don't have a business website. We have something that may spark your interest and please note that the Business Page we design would act like a mini-website.

Here’s an example of what I’m presenting:

Go to . Pretend your looking for used furniture in Hendersonville, NC. Type -- Used Furniture, Hendersonville, NC and hit search. Notice that M&J Used Furniture shows as the first choice along with this write-up. That’s because under those keywords in the search engine, the page having used furniture mentioned within the most frequently hit website containing that information has popped up. It is really with a piggyback Business Page for M&J Used Furniture and Antiques.

We developed that Business Page a few years ago. It was seen almost immediately on the first page in Google and has been seen ever since.

The same positioning experienced by M&J Used Furniture would happen for you if we developed a Business Page. The key here is the page having it's own basic set of information about your business and entering certain html coding for the search engines to grab onto. We would of course provide a link to your website. As a piggybacker your name would be experiencing the now 500,000 hits per month as . Note: the Business page acts like a stand-alone mini-website in the search engines. It may take 2 weeks or so before it gets googlized or shows in the other most popular search engines. However, eventually this kind of back door process could do for you in a short time what could take much longer ( 6-9 months ) by the conventional means. It wouldn't change any marketing you may already have in place with the various search engines. In fact, it would add to it in that you would have 2 marketed sources working for position in the search engines. I'd bet that in a short time you'd see your listing come up on Page #1 in Google. I don't know that for a fact. However, I doubt anyone in your business category in WNC is getting 500,000 hits on their website per month. Piggybacking may bring you to the top of the list when someone types the keywords for your type of business.

Note: the Business Page acts like a Mini-Website

In addition, we are offering a limited time basic Business Page similar to that designed for M&J Used Furniture and Antiques at 20% off the regular page price of $225.00. Basically -- $180.00 includes Page Design and Layout. And, Free Page Space Rental and Link to your website for 1 year. The page space is renewable at your request after the first year for a low $120.00 annual rental fee. 

If you don't have a website --- well --- this Business Page can act as a starting website! M&J Used Furniture and Antiques doesn't have a website and yet there they are --- top of the list in their category in their City in the google search engine. 

Add-ons include additional pages to your Business Page and Banners with photos, graphics and all the proper linking. We can even add a catalog as needed. See a few samples of Banner Ads linked to Business Pages by visiting our North Carolina Flea Market Page. Here are a few other Banner Ads and links to Business Pages not seen on the Flea Market page. 

Click Banner to see the Business Page 

 See the Search Engine Results -- (follow the directions as listed below banner)

These examples of Business Pages in Hendersonville, NC are showing up close to or in the #1 spot on the front page in the Google search engine under keyword searches in their category.

Also Note:    

Click Here:  

Let's say your not located in Western North Carolina  --  but want to advertise your business and want a Business Web Page to show high in the search engines in your category.   


Mountain Camper Sales Banner 468-60 ©

Note: The idea is to get listed on page #1 – Look at getting listed in the top position as a bonus.

See the title listing --- Hendersonville Local Business Page for Mountain Camper Sales when the google page comes up.


Camera Club of Hendersonville, NC©

See the title listing --- Hendersonville Camera Club  when the google page comes up.


Whitley Drugs Serving Hendersonville, NC  Area since 1955

See the title listing --- Whitley Drugs  when the google page comes up.


Ouick Prints One Hour Photo

  • Quick Prints Photo This business no longer exists.  The site can be revamped to suit your needs. 

See the title listing --- Quick Prints  when the google page comes up.


Tempo Music center

See the title listing --- Tempo Music Center, Inc. - Music store, sheet music, instruments ... when the google page comes up.  


$100 Gift Certificate


Window and Door Specialties


Red Gate Cottages & RV Park


This Banner is For Sale and available for your car sales business. It can be linked to your Business Ad Page or function as a stand-alone Banner Ad on and linked to your web site.  

Bill's Auto Sales & Service 

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Affordable Mini Storage


Linda Frady, Optometrist

H. Rubin Vision Center

Note: The idea is to get listed on page #1 – Look at getting listed in the top position as a bonus. 

See the title listing --- H. Rubin Vision Center  when the google page comes up.

You may see their Business Page by clicking the Banner Ad or click here: H. Rubin Vision Center


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I would be interested in your thoughts and any questions you may have. Please feel free to email.

Sincerely,'s ---- 

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P.S.     This guy is the great-grand-child of puppets and his strings are thought to be controlled by the telephone company and the Internet. However, we know that the real control is in the hands of the computer programmer/operator... or, do we? 

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